Importance of Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers perform a number of important tasks, among which are the following: prepare application for immigration; adjudicate and lower court cases; fight deportation proceedings initiated against their clients; obtain immigration relief for their clients from unlawful confinement; represent their clients before immigration courts and in the immigration deportation hearing process; and assist their clients with respect to immigration related issues. These are only some of the tasks performed by immigration lawyers. In fact, it is difficult to give an exact definition of the duties and responsibilities of an immigration lawyer. However, in general terms, immigration lawyers are involved in the preparation and lodging of applications for immigration, representing their clients before immigration courts, and fighting deportation proceedings against their clients.


One of the major tasks performed by immigration lawyers is the preparation and filing of visa applications. For example, if an Australian citizen wishes to reside in the United States under the law of the American citizen, he/she will have to apply for an immigrant visa under the provisions of the Immigration and Border Protection Act. The Australian visa cannot be applied for unless the applicant is eligible for the visa on the basis of an Australian work permit or a permanent visa. Similarly, if an Australian citizen wishes to reside in the United States under the law of the citizen, he/she will have to apply for an immigrant visa under the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act.


Other major tasks performed by immigration lawyers include the negotiation between the client and the immigration authorities; the preparation of documents; advising the client on various aspects of immigration; preparing the case history for the client; assisting the client with the visa application; assisting the client with related consents, notices and notifications; and providing support in the related criminal proceedings. All of these services are done at an hourly rate. Thus, it is clear that the hourly rate provided by immigration lawyers is quite high in comparison to the fee charged by other professionals. Click here to discover more about these services.


An immigration attorney is not a representative of Australian taxpayers but is rather a specialist who practices in the area of immigration laws. There may be instances when the lawyer may represent Australian citizens or any other person on behalf of their employer. In such cases, the client is not entitled to the status of an Australian citizen. Hence, the fee charged by the immigration lawyers is also different from the fee charged by other professionals. Yet, one should note that the fee of immigration attorneys is not considered as legal fees because these represent the payment of expenses which are borne by the government, namely the Department of Immigration.


As already stated above, immigration lawyers are specialized professionals who are trained to handle various types of cases, including visa applications. These professionals also form an important part of the system which keeps them updated about the changes in immigration rules and regulations. This ensures that the clients' requirements are fulfilled in the process of visa applications. Hence, this profession attracts people who are willing to pursue career opportunities in the field of immigration law. The fees charged by them are generally affordable considering the services that are provided to their clients. Moreover, people who wish to pursue careers in this field have a choice of many states where they can practice. View here for more details about this service.


The need for an immigration lawyer cannot be overlooked. This is because many visa applications are denied due to lack of knowledge and expertise on the part of the applicants. For instance, there are many visa applications which are either rejected or approved due to lack of requisite documents by the applicant. For more understanding of this article, visit this link:

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